NFC based parking solution is a simple, scalable solution for Shopping Malls, Entertainment centers, Big commercial complex where the customer can be at ease when it comes to parking entry and exit.

We provide a unique solution whereby there will be no queue to pick up the Parking entry ticket, just drive-in and park and a parking attendant will hand you a NFC card with the Date and Time as well as Vehicle number if required stamped on NFC Card.

When you are ready to leave the venue, just walk up to the several payment kiosks in the Mall and show the NFC card to the service agent. The parking fee is computed, pay and you ready to leave the Mall within a stipulated period. You save time, reduce pollution as there is no queuing required at the parking exits to pay up.


  • Avoids Congestion during Entry and Exit of Vehicle at the Parking lot

  • Payment for the parking can be made anywhere in the Mall at your convenience at the service kiosks.

  • NFC card can be re-used for the next vehicle (Going Green)

  • NFC card can be pre-printed to enhance Branding and any Advertisement

  • NFC card can be pre-printed to enhance Branding and any Advertisement

  • Management can look at Parking data in real-time Scalable solution

  • Technology

  • Android/WP8 mobile technology for NFC functions.

  • Uses Java technology for back end /or can use PHP

  • Uses Bluetooth for printing receipts if required

  • Uses WiFi for access to the back end server or via internet to

  • access cloud servers

  • System Requirements

    Back End/Cloud

    Windows Server with adequate configuration OR LAMP stack server on Cloud


    NFC enabled Mobile device (currently, Android and WP8 supported)

  • Android 2.3, WP8