ServiceBox is an end to end Asset Service cycle management solution for Organizations managing a variety of organization’s assets which require to be serviced periodically. The assets can be a variety, ranging from water purifiers, Air conditioners, vehicles to document assets. As assets grow larger it is hard to manually record them and manage the assets.

Our Mobile and Back End Solution can address these issues, and provide the convenience and power of mobile technology to the hands of the organization.

The organization registers with the service hosted on the Cloud, and is ready to manage the assets

The highlights of the solution are

1. Organization enters basic details, such as Name, mobile number, Email_ID, Time Zone and Service Type.

2. Assets owned by the organization are added with details such as Asset No., Asset Description, Asset category, Date of purchase and cost of purchase.

3. The following additional information can be tagged to an individual asset

  • Photos

  • Service Schedule

  • Service Provider

  • Service Alerts

  • Additional Recipients

  • Service history

  • Service Alerts for an Asset come with following choices

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Push Notifications

  • 4. Service Schedule contains the service start date, Periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.) and the Service end date.

    5. Calendar View of Alerts for the Assets. Service history contains the service completion date, serviced by, service description, Reference number and photo of scanned receipts.


  • Organizations benefit from timely servicing of assets

  • Assets can be spread across Time Zones and Alerts can be received at the time zone configured for Service Provider and /or Additional Recipients.

  • No more book keeping as asset data is managed on the cloud

  • Provides a simple Web client user interface to organizations to view and manage assets

  • Both Organizations and Service Providers are alerted of the service due by multiple methods – Email/SMS/Push notifications

  • Easy and quick look up of service history of assets.

  • Scalable and customizable solution

  • Mobile App to view and manage Assets

  • Technology

  • Android Mobile Technology

  • PHP/MySQL for the back end platform

  • Alerts via Email/SMS/Push Notifications

  • System Requirements

    Back End/Cloud

  • Windows Server with adequate configuration OR LAMP stack server on private or public Cloud

  • Mobile

  • NFC enabled or Non-NFC Mobile device (currently, Android supported)

  • Android 2.3 on Wards